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  • Day to day we come closer to hitting the target “The satisfied client”.
  • One of our main focuses is the alteration of generation in corporate structures.
  • Our clients with tax issues on cross border relations appreciate our special competence in this area.
  • „The digital accounting makes the exchange of your data easier, safer and faster“

International tax consultancy

The number of clients with cross border activities is constantly increasing. Therewith a rising number of issues on direct taxes are raised. In line with this, we not only provide help on avoiding double taxation by the participating States but also guidance on the suitable structure of your private or corporate in- or outbound investment.

Consultancy in corporate succession

The reasons for a corporate succession are numerous. The prevailing majority of successions are a seniority related retirement of the entrepreneur. As growing old also other reasons (i.e. ongoing sickness) may require a corporate succession. Therefore the transfer of all business activities should be part of a structured process that ensures any unexpected transfer which can trigger drawbacks for all parties concerned (entrepreneur, staff and business associates).

Executor of estate

The instruction of an Execution of estate can be a smart instrument to organize the transfer of your fortune to your heirs and make sure that the family estate can be upheld in the next generation.


Digital accounting

The digital bookkeeping is a future oriented concept that lets clients exchange information and is therefore an integral part of our office exchange services. By implementing the Datev Software "Unternehmen online", your business will benefit of a wide range of advantages that standard solution fail to provide.